Re.Brand is an independent design studio specialised in digital communications and visual branding.

— Brand identity

Are you starting a business? Does your corporate image need a refresh? It’s crucial to have consistent and spot-on visual identity, logo, storytelling and strategy.

— Web design

The web is the largest marketplace and it’s always more difficult for services to stand out. Thinking outside the box is a must. Impactful design, custom-made user experience and targeted visibility is what you need.

— Graphic Design

All of the above can’t be true without cutting-edge visual patterns and design outputs. Aesthetics, creativity and innovation are our core values, and this is reflected in our visual projects.

— Promotional campaigns

The best way to make your activity visible is to accurately convey what you do to the relevant target. Whether it’s commercial promotions or online campaigns, we help you reach your business goals.

— Branded documents

As we work with the institutional and business sectors, we are well aware how important it is to present your achievements. That’s why we are specialised in the branding of documents, reports, presentations and infographics.