ELF - European Liberal Forum


Techno-Politics is a branch of the European Liberal Forum which aims to gather experts, industry representatives, academics and politicians to discuss how new and future technologies can influence traditional policy making.

Brand identity, Logo Design, Editorial Design


Re.Brand Studio designed the visual identity of the project, whose logo displays the arms of the torch-individual depicted in the ELF logo-mark, symbolically embracing both the technology and politics dimensions of the name.

The colour palette is composed of only two complementary hues, favouring the desired production of minimal and cutting-edge visuals. The primary dark green colour emphasises the continuity with the main brand, conveying simplicity, seriousness and reliability. The secondary ice grey colour is selected as an essential representation of innovation and neutrality of technology components.

The Paralucent typeface used for the logo and the titles boldly highlights the irreversible presence of digital and technology priorities in the contemporary and future policy choices, while the Museo Sans for body copy makes immediately clear the direct bond with the European Liberal Forum’s typography.