exploring the socioeconomic costs of environmental stressors


METEOR aspires to forge a unified approach by harmonizing research outcomes from these projects, enabling decision-makers to pinpoint crucial areas for mitigating health hazards posed by environmental pollution.

web design

Type of Client: Civil Society
Country: Belgium


At Re.Brand Studio, our mission was to craft the digital face of this project. So we designed the official website aligning its aesthetic with the existing visual identity. Each of the five cluster projects was assigned a unique colour, reflecting the rich palette of the brand and symbolizing diversity. The website’s structure, a blend of blocks and minimalistic lines signifies international collaboration and serves as an elegant canvas to present the multifaceted nature of the cluster aims.


The website unfolds the intricate research work in a manner that resonates with both experts and the wider public. Calls to action were seamlessly integrated to foster engagement, highlighting the power of innovative design in advancing critical causes and reshaping policy landscapes.