Your Democracy


The visual identity designed for House of Citizens, a nationwide movement to establish permanent citizen assemblies in the UK, highlights the main projectual dimension of representation and the mission of institutionalising democratic participation at all levels.

Brand identity, Web Design

Type of Client: Civil society
Country: United Kingdom


The bold and sleek logotype aligned to the left on three circles, evoking the two legislative chambers plus the new House highlighted in red, creates a consistent graphic composition resembling as a whole the Union Jack, and thus underlying the unitary scope of the organisation. The colour palette is composed of only two complementary hues, favouring the production of elegant duotone visuals as apparent in the website.
The main typeface has been selected to boldly highlight the irreversible presence of direct democracy in the current and future policy choices. This is flanked by a sans serif font for body copy to communicate clearly and informally to the wider public, especially with younger audiences who want to be an active part of social change without necessarily being passionate about politics.