Own the future

European Liberal Forum

Re.Brand Studio worked on the new visual identity of the European Liberal Forum. With a balanced combination of historical key elements (the logo, the primary core blue, and the typography) and innovative features (such as the pink accent colour and the torch-shaped outline), the now essential designs focus on immediate recognisability and stress a warm, accessible, message-centred approach that invites liberal stakeholders to actively participate through an engaging and straightforward visual environment.  

Visual identity, Graphic Design

Type of Client: Think tank
Country: Belgium


The key feature that makes the new visual identity particularly recognisable is the torch-shaped outline crafted on the logomark’s contour. This has been conceived to be flexibly used across the entire set of communications outputs, including social media templates, promotional & event materials, and publications. The central role of the logo appealing to the core values of liberalism, together with the new tagline “Own The Future”, reflects the mission of empowering people to look forward and take control of their destiny.