Mauro Casalboni


This artistic book, released in 2023 to showcase the photographic exploration by Mauro Casalboni, collects the monochrome shots of the European District of Brussels taken during years of study and architectural tours.

Editorial Design

Type of Client: Publishing
Country: Belgium, Italy


The chapters include considerations on photography and on social and urban planning, together with an interview that casts a light on the future of the neighbourhood. The aim of the project is to understand how architecture and urban planning have interpreted the role of the de facto capital of the European Union and how they can reflect the citizens’ sense of belonging. Re.Brand Studio worked closely with the Italian photographer to convey this idea by indiscriminately focusing on the elegance of the typesetting and on the reading rhythm. To do so the portfolio is sequenced in an irregular but logical order, yet interspersed with the yellow section opening pages.